Friday, July 18, 2008

Upcoming Shows I Would See...

Sunday July 27
photo from the band's website
McCarren Park Pool

This is just the kind of music you want to groove to in an empty pool in Queens on a hot day: A Brooklyn band with simple melodies and inventive instrumentation. It borders on a little trippy and screams Summer.
See what I mean here

Thursday, July 31
Old Springs Pike CD Release Party
photo at right by Jeff of Gus23
at the Bowery Ballroom
with Via Audio, The Paper Raincoat and Anya Marina

Old Springs Pike, now called The Spring Standards, are a local band with a bright sound, layered harmonies and rock melodies with a healthy tinge of good old country.
Sneak preview here!

Via Audio is another band that plays locally a lot (and I also ran into them in Austin) and have quite the flattering reputation as performers.
Check them out here
Get yer tickets now!

Monday August 4
The National
photo at right from the band's website
Plants and Animals
Summerstage in Central Park

Do I need to say more?
If so, read what Summerstage has to say (and possibly find a link to tickets) here

Friday, August 22
Jupiter One
photo from the band's web album
Bowery Ballroom

I predict that Jupiter One is about to be big. Their music has a poppy dance beat with some electric reverb thrown in on the guitar. The sound is unique, as they attempt to blur the lines between synthesizers and guitars. The songs just make you want to bounce and croon along.
Don't believe me? Listen for yourself here

Or just buy tickets right now!

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