Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Noise from the Silent Years

As published on WirelessBollinger:
At nine months old, Josh Epstein used to hum in his crib. A prodigy? No, “just an infant that hummed”, he humbly clarifies. From little things big things grow, and now he is the lead singer of a Detroit band called The Silent Years who have just released their third album The Globe.

Their new album is “about the universality of everything,” Epstein explains, “Everyone’s got these problems, and I’m not saying that one is more real than the other, but they’re both equally real to the person who’s experiencing them at the time. The really rich kid in Long Island who’s upset that he didn’t get a BMW for his 16th birthday and the really poor kid in Harlem who’s really upset that he didn’t get, you know, breakfast. They’re both really upset. And while you might say the latter example has the real conflict, they’re both real to those who are experiencing them and the person in Long Island has absolutely no clue in most instances that there’s someone else with a problem that’s greater than their own and that feeling of pain is very real.” keep reading...

Photo of Josh Epstein from the live show at the Hiro Ballroom, NYC

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