Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Word with Andrew Bird

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Photo from Bird's show at Hiro Ballroom, NYC, October 2008

Andrew Bird’s literate brand of pop is carried out with virtuoso talent and enough eccentricity to ensure that his music is idolised by some and misunderstood by others. Because of this complexity it’s not surprising that Bird speaks in adjectives and broken sentences – taking his time to make sure his message is correct, yet moving in and around points. This is particularly so when Bird describes his new album, Noble Beast.

Compared to past efforts Noble Beast was produced relatively quickly. Bird strived for this streamlined recording to ensure that the initial idea behind the album was maintained. “I wanted it to be more woodsy, kind of mossy, earthy, kind of like that kind of steamy decay of things”, Bird explains.

When asked about the album’s lyrical themes and his characteristic vocal phrasings – part stream of consciousness, part neurotic tales and, on Noble Beast, partly songs of hope – Bird states that he makes a point of visiting Natural History Museums when he’s on tour for inspiration. “[The Field Museum in] Chicago is, like, older and mustier and heavier and darker. [New York’s American Museum of Natural History, where the interview is taking place] is kind of light and airy. But there are more dinosaurs in New York. " That’s cool, right? read more...

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