Sunday, October 19, 2008

You Name It, They Play It

The Theater Fire is a band out of Ft. Worth, Texas that has recently come across my radar (I wrote a review of their show in Brooklyn for Wireless Bollinger). They are a collection of seven men whose songs tell stories about life, love and Texas and sound like country western mixed with a little rock, with maybe some mariachi and even a little big band jazz on the side. In order to fully comprehend what this means, you will just have to listen to them for yourself.
And here's a game to play: as you listen, see how many instruments you can pick out. These men play more instruments in one song than some people even hear in a lifetime. And then they switch them out for new instruments on the next song!

As a little cheat-sheet, I will attempt to list all of the instruments they had on hand at their Brooklyn show last week.

First, the obvious ones: keyboard, electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic guitar, drums.

Then comes the trumpet, the french horn, some other kind of horn (I was never in a band), a xylophone, bongo drums, a mandolin, a banjo, a harmonica, a steel bowl, some version of rainsticks, an accordion, a fiddle, a washboard (yes. they had a washboard).

And now for the ones I really didn't recognize: some version of a keyboard that had strings like a harp, a recorder-like instrument with piano-like keys.
Oh and they sang. Which counts as an instrument in and of itself.

Am I missing anything? You tell me.

Band photo from The Theater Fire Pics album on Myspace

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